Lisa Howard-Bilodeau

Lisa Howard-Bilodeau, MSW, LICSW

Lisa Howard-Bilodeau received her Masters in Social Work from Salem State College. She concentrated in children, family, and group counseling. Areas of interest include family preservation, empowerment and enhancing optimal potential in individuals and families. Lisa previously worked in an adolescent residential facility as a family therapist and had great success with difficult and resistant clients. Her ability in utilizing community resources for her clients has been an additional strength.  Lisa formerly worked with middle school students and their parents for over a decade as a guidance counselor.

Currently Lisa works as a High School Guidance Counselor in a local school system. Her clinical experience and areas of expertise are valuable assets when it comes to collaboratively working impressionable adolescence and their parents.  There is a myriad of complex issues with today’s generation. Her work is guided by principles of cognitive-behavior therapy, behavior modification, reality therapy with a systematic and relational perspective. Lisa continues her work with the surrounding communities through her private practice.